The Wavelight® EX500 Excimer Laser is the only Excimer laser system designed specifically for LASIK.


The Wavelight EX500 excimer laser is the most advanced in the line of the ultra-fast flying spot lasers.  Current laser technology has a treatment speed of 6-20 pulses per second.  The Wavelight EX500 laser has a treatment speed of 500 pulses per second, making it the fastest in the world, and up to 80 times faster than other technology.  These high speeds of correction lead to less patient fatigue, improved patient comfort, and less incidence of corneal drying, which results in more precise outcomes.

EX500SideView2-300x281 EX500PatientViewSM

To go along with the speed of the treatment, the Wavelight EX500 is also equipped with the fastest multi-dimensional tracker in the world.  This tracker is able to track at an amazing 1,050 times per second.  This is ten times faster than the human eye is capable of moving.  This advanced tracking insures the most precise delivery of treatment and perfectly complements the speed of the laser.